Saturday, February 19, 2011

I finally made one for us

For months now I've been making this pillow for other people. Always in the back of my mind was the notion that I'd make one for our family room couch someday. The stars of time and effort finally aligned and our home just got an extra dose of love...

(better light in the dining room for a photo)
I love this pillow. I love it in my home for the same reason I assume other people wanted to have it for theirs. A visible but subtle reminder. Seeing it one hundred times a day works on the subconscious of the whole family to make an effort for every word, action and intention be infused with love ... even especially when we don't feel like it. Love is spoken here. Always. As a standard. Even when someone unwraps every piece of your gum and licks it. Even when you never get to pick which show to watch. Even when someone broke your stuff. Even when someone decorates the clothes she's wearing (extensively) with a black marker. Love.
yeah, this was totally staged..."Sit on the couch by the new pillow and hug!"

I think that's enough love for now.

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