Monday, October 15, 2012

New stuff, Christmas is coming!

Hoo boy. Where has the time gone? Do you ever blink and months go by? Summer was so much fun, then school started and it took some time to recover and get back into a good routine. But we're finally back. And I've put some new stuff up in the shop...

First, a couple of my favorite Christmas pillow covers. I'll be adding another color option soon too.

And next, something new that's been tickling my mind for ages.

I've been wanting to expand beyond just pillow covers. I like the idea of something pretty you can hang on the wall, but that's still handmade, not just a print. So I made a little patchwork heart and sewed it onto an 8x10 home of felt, then hand embroidered some sweet words.

You are my BEST

When our oldest daughter was two or three years old, this was her expression of love. When we said "I love you" she said, "You are my best." We loved her little words so much we still use them in our family. I thought they would go nicely anywhere you want to let someone know how much they are to you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Babyology is an Australia-based website, full of very cool finds for moms and babies. The whole thing is very sleek and visually pleasing as it is informative. I was flattered to be featured in their recent roundup of Valentine's gift ideas, thanks for the mention, Katrina!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Finishes this week...

Finally finished a few little things from my to-do list and had a couple of new custom orders this week. It felt good to cross them off...

1. Wheat bags for my friend, Angelina, and her daughter. Even though the high was in the 60s today (what?? I know), it still gets chilly at night so hopefully they'll be useful.

2. Snack bags for my friend, Holly. Holly always brings snacks for many of the little kids at church, so I wanted to be sure everyone knew how awesome she is. When Afton was younger, she called Holly "Holla"...we miss those days.

 3. Checkerboard blocks in navy and chartreuse for DGS. (Herringbone still has my heart, but I'm digging houndstooth more and more. Whenever I've got some spare time {ha!} I'm dying to have a go at making a houndstooth quilt...maybe just a baby one.)

4. Custom Love is Spoken Here pillow cover. Love the peacock and walnut brown on white. 

5. Custom Did You Think to Pray pillow cover. I must admit, I wasn't too sure about how these colors would look when I got the order, but I was totally wrong to doubt. I absolutely love the finished sophisticated.

Linking for Finish it Up Friday with the lovely Amanda Jean.

Friday I'm in Love

Maman by Cloud 9 Fabrics. Oh, I love these! They are almost (almost) enough to make me want another baby.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday I'm in Love

Are you even kidding me with this Macaroon Coin Purse?? I love it. Too cute ever. I've long been searching for the perfect little thing to pack my wedding ring in at the gym (plastic baggie: not so cute). My days of wanting are over! Thank you, internet!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Biggest pillow yet

A nice lady from Australia has a God daughter with the surname of Bright. She ordered a 20x20 pillow cover for her in bright, girly colors. Love using this phrase for how it matches the name. It's the biggest I've made so far and I must say, I like the impact!

She also asked if I could make a tote with the same phrase. Great idea, mate.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kids DIY Valentine's Roundup

Clockwise from top left:
-- Have a sucker (did these last year, probably my favorite of all time. clever and easy)
-- Crayon hearts (something to do with the never-ending abyss of crayon stubs around here)
-- Friendship bracelets (I've never made a friendship bracelet. Would this take forever?)
-- Owl on perch (cute, we've got way too many pencils too!)
-- Stitched hearts (simple and lovely. I dig sewing on paper)
-- Thumb prints (classic!)
-- Colored shaving cream (a lot of work, but fun and original results)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A tale of many rice bags - or - my 11 year old is awesome

Many months ago, Emma made herself a rice bag. She used an old bandana and her own scrappy design. She's been a happy girl ever since, popping it in the microwave daily to warm her chilly toes. In fact, she did this even back when it was still 80 degrees outside, just because she could. She's cool like that. I teased her for warming it up all the time when it was still hot out, but found myself coveting her little portable heater as fall gave way to winter. I wasn't alone, her four younger siblings were wishing for one too. I had a mind to whip up a few so there would be enough to go around, but she let me in on her Christmas gift I resisted. {Still, I like them so much I went ahead and made some for the shop, instead.}

First there was the tease. Her brother had a birthday at the end of October and she made him a mini-bag, just the right size to hold in his hands. He liked it and used it, but this was nothing but a trick to throw him off the trail of his real rice bag that would come later.

Middle schoolers have a lot of homework and a sweet social life, so she waited until school was out for Christmas break before tackling the mother load of all rice bags. I couldn't be more proud, she made one for each member of the family--without any help whatsoever from me. The smallest one for 3-year-old Afton, and an extra long one for Dad, because his feet are always cold and he needs one big enough to wrap around them. Mine has no initial--I guess because it's the only pink one. She switched to wheat for the filling when I mentioned we have about 1000 lbs of wheat on hand but only two or three of rice. Smart girl.

They were a huge hit. We use them while reading, while watching tv, we take them to bed, it's just the thing to soothe a crick in the neck or sore muscles. We love them. Thanks, sweet Emma.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beginning a postage stamp quilt

Finally. It's been on my list forever. For some reason the week before Christmas, postage-stamp-fever took over. Shopping done and to-do lists crossed off, I spent my evenings cutting scrap fabric into 2.5" strips. I cut up any little piece I had at least that wide, then went through my strips and joined together any that were approximately the same length. Then joined the first two to another set of two if their length was similar. I deliberately didn't join any more than four, so there wouldn't be quite as much repeat of which fabrics were by which throughout the quilt. I'm enjoying this project. I'm going to take my time with it. Collecting scraps, cutting, joining and eventually making squares to one day join into a gloriously scrappy big quilt. Most postage stamp quilts I see use a checkerboard layout of patterned and neutral fabrics, but not me, I can't be bothered. This will be fun (I hope).