Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beginning a postage stamp quilt

Finally. It's been on my list forever. For some reason the week before Christmas, postage-stamp-fever took over. Shopping done and to-do lists crossed off, I spent my evenings cutting scrap fabric into 2.5" strips. I cut up any little piece I had at least that wide, then went through my strips and joined together any that were approximately the same length. Then joined the first two to another set of two if their length was similar. I deliberately didn't join any more than four, so there wouldn't be quite as much repeat of which fabrics were by which throughout the quilt. I'm enjoying this project. I'm going to take my time with it. Collecting scraps, cutting, joining and eventually making squares to one day join into a gloriously scrappy big quilt. Most postage stamp quilts I see use a checkerboard layout of patterned and neutral fabrics, but not me, I can't be bothered. This will be fun (I hope).

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