Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A tale of many rice bags - or - my 11 year old is awesome

Many months ago, Emma made herself a rice bag. She used an old bandana and her own scrappy design. She's been a happy girl ever since, popping it in the microwave daily to warm her chilly toes. In fact, she did this even back when it was still 80 degrees outside, just because she could. She's cool like that. I teased her for warming it up all the time when it was still hot out, but found myself coveting her little portable heater as fall gave way to winter. I wasn't alone, her four younger siblings were wishing for one too. I had a mind to whip up a few so there would be enough to go around, but she let me in on her Christmas gift I resisted. {Still, I like them so much I went ahead and made some for the shop, instead.}

First there was the tease. Her brother had a birthday at the end of October and she made him a mini-bag, just the right size to hold in his hands. He liked it and used it, but this was nothing but a trick to throw him off the trail of his real rice bag that would come later.

Middle schoolers have a lot of homework and a sweet social life, so she waited until school was out for Christmas break before tackling the mother load of all rice bags. I couldn't be more proud, she made one for each member of the family--without any help whatsoever from me. The smallest one for 3-year-old Afton, and an extra long one for Dad, because his feet are always cold and he needs one big enough to wrap around them. Mine has no initial--I guess because it's the only pink one. She switched to wheat for the filling when I mentioned we have about 1000 lbs of wheat on hand but only two or three of rice. Smart girl.

They were a huge hit. We use them while reading, while watching tv, we take them to bed, it's just the thing to soothe a crick in the neck or sore muscles. We love them. Thanks, sweet Emma.

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