Monday, October 15, 2012

New stuff, Christmas is coming!

Hoo boy. Where has the time gone? Do you ever blink and months go by? Summer was so much fun, then school started and it took some time to recover and get back into a good routine. But we're finally back. And I've put some new stuff up in the shop...

First, a couple of my favorite Christmas pillow covers. I'll be adding another color option soon too.

And next, something new that's been tickling my mind for ages.

I've been wanting to expand beyond just pillow covers. I like the idea of something pretty you can hang on the wall, but that's still handmade, not just a print. So I made a little patchwork heart and sewed it onto an 8x10 home of felt, then hand embroidered some sweet words.

You are my BEST

When our oldest daughter was two or three years old, this was her expression of love. When we said "I love you" she said, "You are my best." We loved her little words so much we still use them in our family. I thought they would go nicely anywhere you want to let someone know how much they are to you.

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