Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two newest additions to the shop

"Come What May and Love It" because it's good advice for anyone, anytime. I find this very easy to believe in when things are going great, but unbelievably difficult when you find yourself faced with critism, trials, loss or any of life's valleys. It's still the best choice though, even then.

"You Are My Sunshine" because it's almost spring. And I love that song, who doesn't? I hear my sister-in-law singing it to her little son all the time and it makes me happy. One other attached memory: my sister has triplets. They were born 10 weeks early and in the NICU for months. My mom would join my sister frequently to visit them. (This was way back when we lived in Utah, bytheway, so we couldn't visit too. Or we would have. We love them.) Anyway, my mom said she would always sing them this song and tear up on the line "please don't take my sunshine away", not knowing for sure if those tiny babies were going to pull through. Wow, I know, I didn't mean to get so heavy! I have a lot of sunshines to love too.

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