Thursday, September 22, 2011

Keeping track

- August blocks for DGS
- September blocks for DGS (look at me, not waiting until the bitter end of the month!)
- holiday garland...need some good photos then I'll share it

- C'est La Vie pillow cover (funny how you've got this whole list of things to work on, then you get one little idea that somehow pushes its way to the front)


-new herringbone-embellished pillow cover
-new Christmas pillow cover
-one baby quilt (actually making progress--almost done quilting)
-new pillow cover featuring the braid
-finishing the afghan I started over two years ago (seven or so rows to go...the problem is I only work on it once a week or so)
-this dress, which I haven't touched in ages...I lost steam once I realized how much seam-ripping I'll need to do to fix it

-this quilt
-a ticker-tape doll quilt
-postage stamp quilt with every fabric I've ever owned (slowly collecting squares)

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