Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In Progress: 16 pillow covers for Australia (and the corduroy problem)

All of my work that can possibly be done without gray corduroy is done now. That's exactly half of the pillows.
Poor focus...sorry about that. I'll take a
better one when all sixteen are done.
Now we wait. Why? I'll tell you why. I've been getting my corduroy from Joann's for months. When I went in to pick up what I needed for this project I was surprised to find they were all out of gray. A new dark gray--"charcoal"--was on the shelves, but none of the lighter, dove gray I've been using. After making inquiries, I was flabbergasted to learn that they will no longer be carrying my color at all. It's just gone. I headed online to find somewhere to order it and was exasperated to discover that fine wale dove gray corduroy is rare. I finally found a seller on ebay who I ordered from...only to be emailed a week (!) later that she didn't actually have the yardage she had listed for sale. I found a new seller and am anxiously waiting for my package to get here. As soon as it does I'm going to sew like crazy to make up for lost time. I've let my Australian buyer know about the setbacks and she has been most gracious and understanding.

I think I may be forced to switch to the charcoal color in the future. I need to have a reliable and quick source (you know, reliable until they discontinue it in a few months...arg).

Too much whining? Sorry about that.

Here's something better: my four year old just walked in wearing too-big sunglasses and asked, "Mom, do I look like a criminal?"

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