Monday, April 11, 2011

In Progress: 16 pillow covers for Australia

All the letters had to be cut out. (This was accomplished about a week ago, but the photos just now made it onto the computer.) Cut and cut and cut. I spent two days just cutting. It was good, methodical work. The kind that keeps your brain free for thinking and listening (I enjoyed a lot of both), but by the end of my first cutting session my scissoring hand was killing me.

A shoebox in my lap wrangled up all those felt scraps leftover from all the cutting. Cut cut. When I closed my eyes to sleep that night I saw letters. So many letters that demanded I pay close attention to their edges.

The real-life-cut-out letters were organized and sorted into labeled envelopes. The envelopes were stacked and waited a chance to be ironed onto their corduroy homes.

More progress updates coming soon, and stay tuned for a shocking and frustrating development regarding gray corduroy. I know, I know--how can you be expected to wait? You need to know what my corduroy problem is now. Sorry--suspense.

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