Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just so I don't lose track

IN PROGRESS (have actually begun):

first string...
-1 order of 3 pillow covers
-1 order of 1 pillow cover
-1 order of 2 pillow covers

second string...
-August blocks for do good stitches
-one baby quilt
-new pillow cover featuring the braid
-finishing the afghan I started over two years ago


-I want to make this quilt using these fabrics (which are washed and folded neatly, waiting...but I still need to buy the sashing)
-new idea for felt embellished pillow cover in my favorite pattern (how I love herringbone!)
-this dress, I have the shirt and fabric sitting idle
-a couple of specific holiday-ish garland ideas
-a ticker-tape doll quilt
-a huge postage stamp quilt with every fabric I've ever owned mixed in. it's going to be sweet.

Do I complain too often about not having enough time? Sorry about that. It's just that I have all these ideas coming and going and swirling and stewing. I understand I can't spend every minute of the day bringing these visions to fruition. Priorities. Many other and more important things need my focus and energy. I get that and I love that. I am thankful for each any every one of those priorities, because I love them (way more than sewing). But every time I look at a creative blog where people are cranking out all these quilts and projects and whatnot I'm all, "HOW MANY HOURS ARE IN YOUR DAY?" Because mine just has twenty-four. Bummer.

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Jeanne said...

Amen! (but if you figure out how to get some extra hours, will you share the secret?)